Skewered chunks of tender beef marinated in our spicy Sesame Garlic Sauce grilled to perfection.

flank steak cropped 029.jpg

Marinated choice of steak in our spicy Sesame Garlic Sauce.

beef & broccoli 150 final cropped (2).jp

Classic beef and broccoli stir fried in our Asian Brown Sauce or Sesame Garlic Sauce.

beef lo mein 260 final cropped-1.jpg

Beef and vegetables stir fried with choice of noodle or pasta in our Asian Brown Sauce.

Pepper steak 0130 final cropped framed-1

Sliced tender beef and peppers in our spicy Sesame Garlic Sauce.

unnamed copy.jpg

Beef short ribs marinated in our Sesame Garlic Sauce, oven-roasted until falling-off-the-bone tender.