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Asian Menu™ offers a full line of sauces for a wide range of applications from traditional stir-fry to contemporary fusion concepts, such as dipping, glaze and salad dressings. With over 20 years of experience dedicated to just sauces, we are proud to offer you a line of products made with the finest ingredients.

Please contact us for list of retailers and distributors.

Orange Ginger.jpg

Orange Ginger Sauce

Net Wt. 14.5 oz

Classic Stir Fry.jpg

Classic Stir-Fry Sauce

Net Wt. 15 oz

General Tso's.jpg

General Tso's Sauce

Net Wt. 14.5 oz

Sesame Garlic.jpg

Sesame Garlic Sauce

Net Wt. 15.5 oz


Hoisin Teriyaki Sauce

Net Wt. 15.5 oz

Sweet and Sour Sauce.png

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Net Wt. 15.5 oz


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